I’m Charlie Lewis a canine and equine behaviourist based in South East Cornwall. I am a complete advocate of positive reinforcement training methods and have a passion for dogs, horses and all animals really.

I wholeheartedly believe working with your animals to improve behaviour through force-free methods will lead to a better relationship with your animal and a more successful outcome.


  • First Class (1st) BSc Equine Science
  • Level 4 Diploma for Advanced Canine Studies from British College of Canine Studies
  • DBS Checked
  • Fully insured with Pet Plan Sanctuary
Charlie from Woof n Hoof

This is me, Charlie, I don’t really enjoy having my picture taken! I much prefer showing off my animals, so let me introduce them to you:

Akia from Woof n Hoof

This is Akia – she is now 18 years old and has been my faithful friend since I was 14. We still learn new things together every day using fun, positive methods.

Woof n Hoof

This is Theo. When he arrived he was a very nervous rescue dog, but with patience and reassurance, he is now a happy well balanced little chap.

A little more about me!

Charlie cross country

I have had a passion for all creatures from an early age. I have been lucky to be able to combine my passion for dogs and horses into both my degree studies and my career.

I’ve been riding since I was 7, getting my first Dartmoor Hill pony at 11 and my second, Akia, at 14. Akia, who is now 18, set me on the root of positive training.

She arrived a very green, difficult and temperamental pony, but with patience and reward based incentives she became a joy and clearly at peace with herself – which she still is today.

I was an active member of TM Internal School of Horsemanship as a child, becoming a working pupil as a teenager and ultimately Yard Manager, so you can just imagine the behaviours I’ve seen!

When it comes to dogs, I was trying to train them from an early age but didn’t properly start doing more and particular, agility, until I was 10.

At one point I was running three competition dogs, my own and other owners in junior competition classes.

Young Charlie training a puppy
Charlie at Crufts

In 2009 I came 2nd out of 78 others to qualify for the YKC Agility Dog of Year at Crufts. 6th at

This is one of my achievements that I am most proud of – we came 6th out of 18 in the O12 category and it was an experience that I will never forget.

I have continued competing at agility with my own and other people’s dogs, although more recently I have put my own dogs on the back burner.

My Experience

  • Working pupil at TM International
  • Yard Manager at TM International
  • Competitor at Crufts YKC Agility Dog of the Year

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